Mommy Cafe

Vegetarian home cooking, kid tested and approved

Mommy Cafe

The best compliment I ever received was when I asked Will what his favorite restaurant was.  He thought for a moment, then responded, with conviction, “Mommy Cafe.  Cuz you make better food than any restaurant!”

The first meal I ever remember making was Kraft Macaroni & Cheese.  This probably doesn’t count for much, unless you consider that I was only 12 at the time.  Over the past two decades, my cooking has evolved.  Fortunately, so have my tastes.  I am no longer satisfied by the highly processed boxed foods that were staples during my college years.  These days I prefer to create versions of my childhood favorites in a more healthy, whole foods way.

I still use canned goods on occasion, mostly for tomato products.  And my cupboard always has a box of crackers, a bag of chips, or a sleeve of cookies that are about as far from healthy as it comes.  But for the most part, I prefer shopping on the perimeter, picking my fresh fruits and vegetables for their bright and varied colors as well as their nutritional advantages.

Mommy Cafe is open for business most every day of the week.  I am proud to serve healthy, low-cost, kid-friendly meals.  It’s my other job, one which I do before and after my other job.  It certainly is not a money-making venture.  My best customer pays in thumbs-ups and, when dinner is particularly delicious, in hugs and kisses.

No matter the time or financial constraints, this is one restaurant that will never go out of business!


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