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Day 31 and Beyond!

October is over, and some of you may be wondering how I fared with my challenge to eat only unprocessed foods for a month.  I talked to my dad the other night and he brought up my bumpy road post and jokingly wondered if it had only gotten worse.

To be perfectly honest, I did have a few slip-ups.  Some were intentional.  When a girl is sick and put in charge of pizza delivery, one can expect certain liberties to be taken with said pizza.  Other slip-ups were discovered at the very end of the month.  Who knew chili powder would have anti-caking powder and “natural” flavors?

Overall, I think I did pretty well with keeping my diet in check.  I diligently read labels, I shopped exclusively at the local co-op, I gave away my refined/enriched/preservative-laden foods.  I even donated a nearly full case of Vanilla Coke to the needy (i.e. friends with a very busy toddler).  And you know what?  I feel fantastic!

Yes, it takes more work to bake my own bread than to buy a loaf at the store.  Sure, it’s a tad annoying to grate my own cheese rather than buy a bag of already shredded.  Of course I still miss my soda… but not nearly as much as before.  In exchange for opting out of these conveniences, I have more energy, I sleep better, and my concentration is improving.  The memory thing is taking a little longer, but let’s not expect miracles here.

Perhaps my biggest success story, or at least the one that is most fresh in my mind, is that I went trick-or-treating with my son and have yet to sneak a piece of his candy.  He even tried tempting me this afternoon, listing off each variety saying “You know you want it!”  (Incidentally, where does an 8-year-old learn this sort of taunting?)  Each time I said no thanks until finally, frustrated, he said “Don’t you like any kind of candy??”  Honestly, none of it appealed to me.  Not in the least.

Though I have learned to appreciate dark chocolate.  Mmm.

So the big question I’ve been getting lately is “How long are you going to keep this up?”  The big answer is “For as long as I want.”  This is my new food lifestyle.  I don’t plan to be as strict as I was last month.  But I will still check every label before purchasing food.  White flours and sugars are limited to the rare special occasion.  High fructose corn syrup will have no place in my home.  I’ve switched to natural sodas and am only consuming them on my weekly “indulgence day.”  When I do indulge, it will be with intention, acknowledging that, while not good for my body, every once in a while the soul deserves a little treat.


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