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Days 4-6: A Bumpy Road

Day 4.  Ugh.  How many days left??  I’m getting sick of spending all my time in the kitchen.  Not to mention the dishes.  And the mishaps that abound.  And the constant cleaning and rearranging of my counter tops.  And the dishes.  And daily grocery store trips.  Have I mentioned the dishes?

To be fair, I brought today’s struggles on myself.  I volunteered to make dinner for friends who were too sick to slice bread.  I knew exactly what I was going to make by noon (Poblano Jack Pizzas, made from fresh garden peppers!!), and planned to make the same for dinner at home as well.  However, once I got home I failed to double-check my recipe for the most-awesome-pizza-ever to see how long it took to make it and exactly what ingredients went into it.  I also forgot to check my dough to see if I had enough for two pizzas.  Which I did not.  Dumb, right?

I needed corn.  I always have frozen corn in the freezer.  Except, of course, for today.  So I cheated.  I found a can of corn in my cupboard, and I cracked it open.  Don’t ask why I even had canned corn in my cupboard, because I don’t know the answer myself.  But there it is.  I ate 1/4 cup of processed canned corn.  Sigh.

The pizza was delicious, by the way.  Horribly misshapen, slightly doughy crust, but delicious.  Recipe to follow… after the dishes are done.

Highlight of the day:  I bought a 2 liter of Ginger Ale for above-mentioned sickos and managed to deliver it without cracking it open for a sip!


Day 5.  After so many hours in the kitchen these past several days, I promised myself a day off.  I cooked a double batch of beans the night before so as not to be tempted to worry about it tonight.  With plenty of leftovers in the fridge there was no concern for what to eat for dinner.  So the most labor-intensive kitchen moment for today was tossing a fresh veggie salad with homemade vinaigrette.  Ahhh.

So what did I do with all this free time?  Cleaned.  Yep, I had so much energy that would otherwise have been devoted to cooking that I decided to sweep and mop the floors and give my bathroom a good scrub.  Livin’ it up!  I also managed to avoid anything that resembles a grocery store.  I’m starting to feel normal again!

Highlight of the day:  Ate lunch next to an open bag of Sun Chips (my mouth is watering just typing the words) and didn’t sneak a single one.


Day 6.  I wasn’t sure I was feeling the positive effects of eating unprocessed.  Until today.  I had a business lunch meeting this afternoon.  I was nervous about grilling the waitress (ha!) in front of a client, so I did some homework in advance.  I checked out the menu online and then called the restaurant to see what items were made in-house.

Thinking I was pretty clever, I ordered a salad (hard to go wrong there) with local bleu cheese, grilled chicken (don’t tell Will!), and walnuts.  I knew that all their dressings were house-made, and I asked for plain walnuts instead of the candied variety.  Well… the chicken was so salty that I just pushed it to the side.  And the dressing was so sweet that I found myself looking for undressed lettuce.  So very unlike me.

So, try as I might, this meal was another bump in the road.  Not surprisingly, shortly after lunch I faced a sugar crash.  Big time.  In fact, I’m still not recovered at 9pm!

I think it’s safe to say that eating clean, while not an easy road to travel, is a more enjoyable journey.  One which I can have the energy to appreciate!


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