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Smoked Salmon Pasta with Scotch Cream Sauce

Today I’m going to depart from my blog goals in every way possible. This dinner is not vegetarian (we do still eat fish), is not cheap, and is unmodified from the original recipe other than substituting vegetable broth for fish broth. All the same, it’s delicious and people enjoy it!

I’ve found that the scotch doesn’t flame, much to my disappointment, but it does add a lot of flavor. Normally I’m not a fan of smoked anything, so the first time I made this dish I bought fresh salmon, unsmoked. The depth of flavor was lacking. This time I splurged on a small package of smoked salmon and it made a huge difference.

While this is by no means a cheap dinner, it is still reasonable for a special occasion. I cut the recipe in half and used a cheap wine and a generic scotch. The total probably came in around $10 (the scotch and wine were already in-house, but I roughly factored these costs in).


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  1. I love this recipe. The pool of drool next to my keyboard right now is a little embarassing…

    Comment by Blakely | March 1, 2010 | Reply

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